Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Groom's dinner cake!

baahahaha...He's a lifer now!

Skydiving...looks cool, but I wouldn't do it!

World OF...Warcraft!!!!

We're cookin'!!!

My dad's birthay cake
We had LOTS of leftovers :)
I was going with a concept and not portion size


I get the WINNER...

Harry the Jalapeno??

Buzz Lightyear...TO THE RESCUE!!

Mom had a great idea on this cake!

Happy Birthday to the Music Man...aka...William

This is Bill's LAST YEAR birthday cake
His birthday is coming up in 9 days....so I'm a bit behind the curve on this one!!

We've got a JUMPER!!

It's a BOY!!!


Love the cupcakes with the Mini Snoopy's on them

Contemporary Baby Shower

Zella's on the way...
It's time to Celebrate!!

Next Week's agenda (8/7-8/12)

1/2 dozen Carrot Cupcakes with sugar carrots as a garnish
1/4 sheet Harry Potter book cake with all the fixings

Cake popping with my gal pals

2 dozen gymnastic cupcakes
1/4 sheet humming bird/tiger lilly cake
3dozen monogram cupcakes
10 cat and 10 dog cake pops

I'm tired just thinking about it.
I'm going to need to start my edible decoration prep work SOON!!

Scheduling open to change...as something ALWAYS changes :)
Change makes life interesting and keeps me on my toes.

This week's update..

Just in!!!!
Changes for this week

Watermelon cake with an Ant crawling across
Vanilla cake tinted pink with black sprinkles for seeds

3 dozen marble cupcakes that will look like FLOWERS
1/4 sheet "LUGGAGE" cake to say Farewell to the family Nanny
Key Lime flavors cake pops that will look like flowers
and they will be showcased in clay flower pots

Looks like I've got my work cut out for me.
Can't wait

I'll post pics no later than MONDAY

Monday, July 30, 2012

More Hello Kitty!!!

Cake pops (the ears are chocolate chips)

Later this week...

Flower cupcakes for a 2nd birthday party
Key Lime Cake pops for another birthday
Fun sheet cake for a going away party at work!!


Well, that's about 6 months of cakes!!!
My fingers are tired from pointing and clicking

I'm sure are tons I've missed and there
are definitely MORE TO COME

Stay tuned :)

First Communion Cupcakes

KISS me!!!

Gender neutral???

NOPE!!! Gender reveal :)
you can't tell but there is BLUE buttercream inside
Congrats...it's a BOY!!!

Princess VIVIAN - for now and forever!!!

It's Cynder!!!

Retirement is overrated - only for those who are retired though

It's Roller Derby time!


Puppies in Paris!!

Dora, DORA the EXPLORER!!!

Little Einsteins

It's Kiera's favorite show!

It's the blue guy from Yo Gabba Gabba!!! hehe

Anyone up for a game??

Just DO IT!!

Chugga Chugga TWO TWOOOOO

Hello KITTY!!!

Oh HOLY night...baptims and first communions...

Call of the WILD!

Killer Whales



Lady Bugs!

Angry Birds!!

It's a GIRL!!!

Pretty Princess

Baby Blanket


Pink FIRST's!!!

2012 Grad Cupcakes!!

Bridal shower cupcakes

Bridal shower cupcakes

Antique Bird Cage...