Thursday, July 28, 2011

I spy...

With my little eye...
Brad's Birthday cake!!
It's chocolate cake with a mint buttercream filling :)

Flowers for dessert?

These are a fun way to add something special to your next seating arrangement
Double chocolate cupcakes with an edible flower on top.

An apple a day...

These apples won't keep the doctor away, but they
are still really good :)

I feel the NEED to make this cake...

I found this online and LOVE IT
I will need to find a reason to make it for someone!!

How to make Pinwheels for your cake/cupcakes...

This is a fun step by step for pinwheel decorations
Can't wait to make some of these!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tacos for dinner...why not tacos for dessert?!

These were SO FUN!  It's a great addition to any
Mexican night at home or even a potluck for work!

Easy as pulling a Rabbit out of a hat!

Danny and Charlie are having a MAGICAL birthday!
(everything is edible on this cake)

Baby on Board!

Congrats on the bundle of joy!

Going to the Chapel...

Cassi is getting hitched!
This is/was her bridal shower cake
Marble with cookies and cream filling.

Bringing back the oldies, but goodies...

PacMan cupcakes!  Who wouldn't love these
Vanilla cake with buttcream and fondant decorations!

Caught with your hand in the candy bowl...

This is a fun and easy way for anyone to bring a fun cake to any event
Bake your favorite cake
Cover in frosting/buttercream
Place kit kats around the, fill with your favorite candies
Add a ribbon of your choice and your finished!

Sour apples or yummy cupcakes? It's the best of both :)

Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream
Covered in green sugar, with mint leaves and a pretzel stem

How to make your very own "hostess" cupcakes!!

How to make your own HOSTESS cupcakes
1)Bake up some chocolate cupcakes (or any other flavor you love)
2)Level off the tops of the cupcakes it they have high peaks
3)Take some white frosting or buttercream and place it in a piping bag and squeeze what you think it an even amount in each cupcake
4) Make ganache (or just microwave some chocolate frosting until smooth) and dip the cupcake in 1-2 times to coat.
5)Add the traditional swirls on top of each cupcakes and VOILA!
I used to make this when I was younger and still living at home.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Christmas in JULY....

Kendall turns THREE and asking for a Christmas party.
Vanilla with strawberry buttercream

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Happy Birthday to one lucky guy
Devils Foods cake with Chocolate/Choc Chip filling and buttercream
The Logo and the Lettering is also chocolate

Planning a wedding...

It's time for one of the many FUN parts.
Cake tasting!!!
A friend from Grade School/Highschool is getting married.
She and her fiance get to try the following flavors
Devils Food/Chocolate
Devils Food/Almond
Choc Fudge/Reeses
Choc Fudge/Peppermint
French Vanilla/Almond
French Vanilla/Reeses

Friday, July 8, 2011

Slowly, but surely...i WILL get all my photos
on here.  There will be many for quite a fews days,
PLUS I'm still making more so it will never end!!

Justin Bieber Birthday...

Happy Birthday to Destiny

12 years old!!

Faribault class of 2011

Congrats to T'uana and the Faribault class of 2011

Burnsville class of 2011

Congrats to the BV Blaze - class of 2011

Montgomery-Lonsdale class of 2011

Congrats to Britney and the MLHS class of 2011!!

Is it a TV dinner or cupcakes??

This is a fun way to play with you food!

"Brownie" - choc buttercream with sprinkles
"Veggies" - green skittlse and orange starbursts cut into squares
"Potatoes and gravy" - buttercream with caramel and a yellow starburt for th butter
"Chicken" - cupcakes covered in crushed cereal and white chocolate for the bones

This is something anyone can make in their home kitchen and you'll amaze everyone!

Toy Story is here to stay!

Woody came to the rescue and helped wish EJ a happy birthday

Campfire and some smores...

I just LOVE how this turned out. 
Lots of cake, chocolate flames and REAL toasted marshmellows

Princess weekend!

Averee's Ariel Birthday

Tyyriona's Tiana Birthday

Amaya turns THREE!!

a Dino cake for Amaya's special day

and extra cupcakes for her family and friends

Everyone is playing...

It's an Angry Birds Birthday Cake!
Vanilla with raspberry buttercream filling.
All the decorations are edible...that's TONS of sugar!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Cliffs of Mohr ~ Ireland

Groom's Cake - this was the spot he proposed,
so she surprised him with it in cake!

Ed Hardy cupcakes...

Chocolate cupcakes with Reeses buttercream

To all you Coach purse fans...

Chocolate cupcakes with a Raspberry buttercream

My Dad's Birthday ~ LOVE YOU!!

Happy Birthday to my Dad!
The bottom with a Chocolate Fudge/Vanilla Swirl
The "Pot" is Strawberry/Vanilla Swirl

Spiderman cupcakes!!!

One little man got both good and bad Spidermen on this cupcakes

Lemon with Almond Buttercream

Red Velvet with Cream Cheese

Tornado Alley...

Everything on this cake is edible...Love how this one turned out.

Playing with your food...

Here's a fun way to play with your food!
Easy enough for the kids to help and also something to WOW your friends...

Corn on the Cob

Spaghetti and Meatballs