Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's WEDDING season!!!

For the next THREE weekends, yes 3 weekends, I have weddings to prepare for
How exciting for three wonderful ladies!!!

This weekend - classic
Next weekend - simple and elegant
Third weekend - topsy turvy

Here some some cakes from the pat to get myself in the mood!




Friday, May 20, 2011

What to do...

What does one do when cake decorating starts effecting your neck and back?
Well...you keep making it and work through the pain!
It's totally worth it to see someone's face light up at the sight of their special cake
It's like nothing else and it makes all the pain go away.

Bob Hope...

"You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake!"

Piping in Metallics

Have you ever gotten the request for silver or gold detailing.  Here is a great recipe to achieve the detail you are looking for.  ENJOY!!

Piping silver and gold
2 ts. Powdered sugar
2 ts. gold silver or metallic highlighter crafting dust*
clear alcohol
1 ts. clear piping gel

On a small ceramic plate, mix sugar and dusting powder. Add a few drops of clear alcohol (gin or vodka is suggested) and mix with a small palette knife to create a stiff paste.
Add the piping gel, a little at a time, mixing well until the consistency for piping in reached. Use a very small piping bag and tip as needed. The leftovers can be put into a small container and stored in the refrigerator. It will keep indefinitely.

Classic Pooh says HAPPY BIRTHDAY...

Kendal is turning one and the guest of honor is Pooh Bear himself.

Shoes and Cake...match made in heaven

Laura celebrated a MILESTONE birthday!
Her family got her a cake that was just up her alley.

Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese frosting

Getting in touch with nature...

This cake was made by ME for my Judge.
He loves hiking and is building a new home in the bluffs near Lake Pepin.

His favorite combo is Chocolate cake with a Reeses buttercream filling.
Happy Birthday Judge!

DORA says Feliz Cumpleanos to Claire!!

Half Chocolate and Half Funfetti cake
Cookies N Cream and Raspberry buttercream

Baby Boom!

Baby Showers all around these days.  What a fun way to celebrate a new addition to your family!!  They can feed any number of people too.  LOVE EM'