Thursday, August 18, 2011

We're flying the friendly skies today...

Grad cake for Adam!
Soon he will be the pilot of his own plane
Chocolate with Cookies and Cream

It's the ME's

Oh how these little guys make me smile!!

Ice Cream cones or Cupcakes

It's the best of both worlds (minus real ice cream)
Each scoop is a cupcake!!


This is the largest bag of candy I've ever seen
I heard it was fantastic
the inside is a strawberry cake with a vanilla buttercream

Naughty ladies...

Bridal Shower time...

Simple, yet it says it all!

Sooooo pretty....

That's all I can really say
the candies did all the work on this cake!

I spy...with my little eye...

Brad had a spy-rific brithday
Chocolate cake with a mint buttercream filling.

It's about that time...

Congrats to all the Lakeville grads!!

Sugar and a Magic Show!??

Danny and Charlie turned FOUR
and celebrated with a magical birthday party

AAArrrrrrgh is priate speack for Happy Birthday!

Hope you have a great birthday Matey!!

2-2 train

Love this turned out so great.
Plus it's cute too

It's a GOLDEN birthday!

Haaaappy Golden Birthdaaay!
The pot of gold is a chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream
The cupcakes are French Vanilla with vanilla buttercream

"Organic" cupcakes...

The Carrots are orange sugar candies with green strips of gum for the stems

Cookie crumbs are the dirt and the flowers are gumpaste

Lots of green sugar here, with mint and pretzels for the stem and leaves

Cute as a button cake...

Happy Baby Shower
it was a button theme...and this is the cake we came up with


Busy as bees cupcakes
What do you need?
Cupcakes, yellow frosting, peanuts and almonds!
Super easy and really cute :)