Saturday, January 7, 2012

Vegas baby!!!

Happy Anniversary!!!
Hope you had a blast in VEGAS!!!

Vanity cakes...

Samantha got her's first...

And then Christina NEEDED one too!

the TWILIGHT saga....

My niece's birthday cake
Happy Birthday LIL!!!


Hayley the soccer star celebrated her birthday

Snowman cake pops!

This year's new BIG THING
Cake pops are "all the rage"

It's time for a little SKEE BAAAAALL!!!!

It's Ty's birthday and he's having a party at
the local Chuck-E-Cheese.

Puppy Pops!

Cake pops that look like puppies
Love the red lifesaver collars :)

It's a Pooh baby shower!

Baby Pooh and Tigger made an appearance
at Keshini's baby shower
Can't wait to see the baby room!!!

Tis' the Noth Pole!!

Another great holiday pleaser
Chocolate cupakes with a tuft of buttercream snow
with the North Pole in the center

It's pirate booty...hehe

It's a treasure chest filled with the best treasure...CAKE!!!
The gold coins on this cake are butterscotch candies
the cupcakes are GLUTEN FREE!!

I'm melting...

These were a huge hit this year
Melting snowmen on top of gingerbread and sugar cookies


Mickey cupcakes with homemade wrappers
and mini oreos dipped in Chocolate for the ears

Minnie cupcakes with homemade wrappers

Music to my ears

Ari got a "Sweet 13" party this year
The requested animal print and a guitar on top
The guitar is white chocolate and completely edible!

What time is it??

Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting
The glasses are filling with white chocolate and the candied
limes add that perfect touch at the end

Ice Skating Snow-people??!!

This cake helped celebrate Decemeber birthday for one lucky family
The snow-people are marshmellows :)

Valentines is aroung the corner!!!

Personalized conversation hearts
Cupcakes and Cookies

Heart shaped Chocolate/Peppermint Candies

Your favorite cupcake with a gumpaste heart on top

Angry Birds are coming...

Dylan's turned the BIG 1-0
He picked out the theme and flavors all by himself
Marble cake with cookies and cream filling
The birds are CAKE POPS! (his favorite thing)

Hola! Me llamo DORA!!!

It's Dora the Explorer and she's ready to PAR-TAAAAAY!!

The Wedding cake of all other wedding cakes...

This is the largest, most tiered cake I've made to date
Lots of buttercream and piping went into creating this masterpiece
I'm still stunned it made the 1.5 hour drive - WHOOOAA!!

CLIFFORD...the Big Red Dog

Yet another oldie, but goodie
I remember watching this back in the day
Ellie's favorite show is Clifford, so what better than to have him showcasing her party!

Remember Caillou???

I didn't even know they still aired this showed
Shianne's second birthday had a cameo from her favorite characters!!!

Holy Cannoli!!!

To my few followers, my apologies to the long adsence...
I was using the wrong email and then I couldn't remember the password
BUT...I'm back!!!
Hope you all had a great Holiday Season filled with great memories